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Arts Club

The Arts club conducts a number of competitions during the year, which includes Inter School and Intra School competition. An art exhibition is conducted every year Competitions such as Rangoli and Rakhi making are also part of arts club.

Commerce Club

Various programmes conducted under commerce club banner are as follows :

1. Commerce Bulletin Board

2. Commerce Quiz

3. Bank visit

4. Commerce career guidance

5. Study tour

6. Seminar and debates

7. Special Assembly

Hindi Club

The Hindi Club was established to endeavourfor the betterment of Hindi by engendering enthusiasm in the learner for the language and to stimulate their creativity. Due to the pre-eminence of western languages, Hindi is rapidly losing its significance. So,our club strives to strengthen the bond between the language and the learner to mould them as masters of the language. Through the medium of literature, the club offers an opportunity for the students to absorb the human values and to cherish those for a better and fulfilling future. The Hindi Club conducts activities like debate and a variety of writing competitions to nurture the talents and endowments of students. Programmes are also held to celebrate important days like Hindi Diwas for the enrichment of Hindi language.

History Club

In order to boostup the knowledge in history among the students,it plays a vital role in our lives.We display charts and articles on bulletin board and try to make up students knowledge vast in the subject.

we conduct several programmes like:-

Bulletin board competition

History exhibition

Seminar on history

Talks on history

Debates on history

Special assembly

Quiz programmes

Guidance programmes for students

History club has got an important place in the school curriculum as it helps students to become familiar withthe past.

Maths Club

An inclusive curriculum should have creative and pioneering activities to induce enthusiasm among students. School club can furnish such an area to witness insightful sessions that’s a spectacle for the mind after conventional course of lore. The very foundation of maths club is laid to cater to the maths loving population and to render an opportunity to engage in mathematics that’s different from the ordinary.

Maths is the never ending and exhilarating story of study. So our club provide students who are interested in maths, an opportunity enroot and expand their mathematical expertise in an enjoyable, energetic setting. We conduct different activities to generate curiosity among students about mathematics and provide a plate form to display their talents. Maths club is always agape to new ideas and the activities of the club is crafted in such a way to sharpen their skills, increase learning and make children excited to learn the subject.

Nature Club



To arouse general awareness among the students regarding the different environmental problems which are of major concern to the better future and survival of mankind.


To inculcate love and respect among the members for nature and thus work with a global perspective.


Motivating students to value environment.To make them aware about the grave situation of nature and means for its conservation.


By creating awareness on global environmental challenges and developing means to overcome them.Organizing various eco-friendly activities. Conducting botanical excursions and plantation programmes. Organizing workshops and seminars on environment which has become an important issue now-a-days.

Quiz Club

In order to promote general knowledge among the students GK related test and quiz programmes are conducted throughout the year.

Scienece Club

Everybody's a mad scientist and life is their lab, we are all trying to experiment to find a way to live to solve problems to fend off madness and chaos.

Science is vastly more stimulating to the imagination than the classics.

The objective of science club is to inculcate enthusiasm and scientific attitude among students through different activities.The future of science and how it takes care of our environment lies on creating awareness among the present day students.

Some of the programmes that are arranged under the auspices of the science club are:

1) Annual Science Exhibition

2) Monthly seminars

3) Talks and Experiment

4) Debates

5) Study Tours

6) Quiz programme

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